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We appreciate your interest in promoting Mail.Click.Profit., either as a direct affiliate, or as a JV partner!

Here's the initial info that you are probably looking for:


1. We are currently looking to expand to a small number of partners. We are looking to build profitable, long-lasting relationships with high-quality, high-performing partners. With that, we want to focus on a small number of high-value partnerships to start. If we don't select you now, we will definitely put you on our list for later integration and follow up! If there is a particular reason that it's not a good fit for us, we will give you that feedback directly!


2. This is Phase One of our expansion plans.  We are planning to build out several layers in our expansion and reach. As we add new layers, our extended reach will benefit our partners - we believe in sharing the success and helping everyone in our partners network to GROW, PROFIT, and PROSPER!


3. The partners that we begin with will have priority as we grow. While we will ALWAYS have the backs of ALL of our partners, it's only natural that priority to future opportunities for expansion will first go to those who were with us early on. As we build out partnerships with bigger and more powerful new partners, we will give the first dibs on riding along on our coattails to our early crew!


4. The initial partners we select will immediately be granted ABOVE the highest-tier "M.C.Profitonium"-level payouts once you have provided just one, single paying MCP subscriber! 

That means that, as a Charter Partner, you will be earning lifetime commissions of a full 40% on any paid subscriptions that you refer to us!


Yep, Kramer gets it!!

We want to encourage and reward our early adopters for their, well... early-ness - and for their support from the get-go. [insert high-five here... 🙌 woot!]

And our non-Charter rewards rates are still extremely generous with a low bar of entry...:

For all other non-Charter partners, our standard payouts are:

Payout Tiers

- M.C.Promethium: 

- M.C.Plutonium:

- M.C.Profitonium: 

- Charter Partners:

- M.C.Promethium: 
20% for 1 to 10 clients per month

- M.C.Plutonium:
30% for 11 to 25 clients per month

- M.C.Profitonium: 
40% for 26 clients & beyond per month

🚀 Charter Partners:
​40% for EVERY client referred

20% for 1 to 10 clients per month

30% for 11 to 25 clients per month

40% for 26 clients & beyond per month

40% for EVERY client referred

BOTTOM-LINE for you NOW if you are accepted as a Charter Partner:
Right now, if you become an MCP Charter Partner, you will go STRAIGHT to - and ABOVE - the M.C.Profitonium Reward level! 

And what that means for you in terms of easy $$$$:
Our current introductory offer during webinars is $147/mo for new clients - and that means for every subscriber you refer as a Charter Partner, you will be earning $58.80 per month - EVERY month - while that member is a subscriber - FOR LIFE!

And with our bulk continuity offer of 12 months service up-front for $1470, you will get a payout of $588.00, cool hard cash, in your pocket. That's some serious whipped cream for an easy-as-pie referral!

If they purchase directly from the main sales page, then their monthly charge is $247, so the commission jumps to $98.50/mo for life!


5. We are evaluating new partnerships on a rolling basis. So your first step is to book your discovery call with Drew now!

Bringing you the FASTEST email marketing systems deployment since 1857 BC... Give or take a few.

Interested in partnering with Mail.Click.Profit. as a JV partner or as an affiliate?!? 
All I can say is... "We LOVE partners!"
Click the TARGET to see how we can help YOU hit YOURS!


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